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Humnipotent Management Techniques℠

What is Humnipotent Management Techniques℠ ?

It is an approach that shifts the classic management paradigm from plan, organize, staff lead and control to plan organize, staff, lead and support. For years the business world has acknowledged the fact that employees don't leave companies, rather they leave managers. Managers who successfully retain talent realize that the organizations most significant resource is its people. They have shifted their attitude and approach to build strong working relationships that are productive and results driven. Humnipotent Management Techniques℠ are built to support an individual, a manager or a company do just that.

There are three key elements to practicing HMT℠


Comprehensive understanding of the jobs being managed

Crafting a shared environment

Hiring the right people

Underpinning these management activities is a new attitude focused on support rather than control. Whether you are an individual worker or manager you can be a positive influence in your workspace by practicing HMT℠.

To assist you in this endeavor we have designed three kits:

Individual Personal Mastery Kit: Supports the individual in becoming the owner of their own professional future. The Kit provides you tools and techniques to create a positive and empowering environment at work that will support your professional goals.

Leader/Manager HMT℠ Mastery Kit: Offers guidance and the tools and techniques to transform your environment at work and engage the employees as stakeholders in the success of your business unit. Shifting the management focus from plan, organize, staff, lead and control, to plan, organize, staff, lead and support creates a new management and leadership relationship on which to build your professional and leadership success.

Company Culture Transformation Kit: The philosophy and approach to managing that is outlined in the Individual Personal Mastery Kit and the Leader/Manager Mastery Kit can be extended to the entire organization. This guide helps you determine how to approach that cultural transformation and support the shift of the management paradigm in your organization to utilization of HMTSM.  

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