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Testimonials, References & Comments

Nina provided invaluable services to Nantkwest during its formative years, where every talent decision has an amplified effect. Her insights and support on talent searches, hiring and on-boarding, corporate culture development and managing HR issues in the course of rapid company expansion has proven invaluable. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking such support for their evolving companies.

February 2020

Barry J. Simon, M.D.
President & CAO
NantKwest Inc.

I have been working with Nina since 2013 when we engaged to identify what we wanted our ChromoLogic culture to be. With her facilitation of our leadership team meetings, she supported our efforts to identify and codify our values and begin to build a culture that would help fuel our sustainable and successful business growth. Today, our engagement with Nina includes executive coaching, HR strategic inputs, and supporting our leadership team. Our long working relationship has helped me formalize my efforts to build strength in our management posture to support our most value asset, our Human Capital.

February 2020

Naresh Menon Ph.D., CEO
ChromoLogic LLC

Nina Woodard's extensive international experience coupled with her formal training make her a truly exceptional human resources professional. Nina is able to combine a very results oriented approach with a deep compassion for people. When we worked together I could count on her thoroughness in checking details while at the same time thinking about larger strategic goals. Nina is easy to work with and she gets things done right, correctly and on time.

Jerald Jellison Ph. D.
University of Southern California

Los Angeles

Nina and I met at Tata Management Training Center, when I was actively pursuing to connect with SHRM for the TATA group HR/Non HR Professionals. I experienced Nina to be more Indian, than and Indian could be. She is familiar with cultural moorings and is comfortable with one and all. She is a genuine and warm person who wishes well of the community of professionals. I am sure jointly, we will be able to contribute to the educational needs of the professional community in various sectors.

Suhas Palekar
VP Strategic Management and Business Development

Walchand Talent First

Nina Rocks!

Regina Miller

The Seventh Suite (business partner)

Nina is extremely talented and wonderful to work with. She is a strategic thinker and a strong leader. Her coaching skills are very effective whether she is working with a CEO or front-line supervisor. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her clients ad I would highly recommend her!

Susan Bloch

Nina's Role and contribution as head of the HR department played a major role in attracting and retaining a high performance technology group. Moreover and more personally to me was the advice and guidance I was give as part of my relocation from the UK to the States. All in all she was an excellent asset to the Bank.

David Dart

Colleague at Standard Chartered

(Head of Technology) 

Nina's innate gift for managing high performing individuals is to be commended. This together with her qualifications and experience always propelled her people to higher levels. Her multicultural sensitivity and positive attitude served her well through many issues and I highly recommend her services.

Elizabeth Henshaw
Former CEO Brazil
Standard Chartered Bank (

I met Nina Woodard in 2000 while she was holding the position of Sr. Vice President at Standard Chartered Bank in India. She spearheaded the drive for transition and change in context of mergers ad acquisitions. I found her to be very strategic, highly competent and quite passionate about the objective. During this process what made our involvement relatively easier was that Nina constantly made efforts to be inclusive and build consensus about the process with everyone involved as the task of transitioning of such a large scale was not an easy one. I have bee in touch with Nina ever since ad I find her to be a person who is optimistic, a good communicator, is able to deliver her ideas to people and has invested a lot of her time and energy in developing her network in India not only in the business ad industry community but in other areas as well.

Sharabori Gomes
Founder, Mathan Consulting

(Business Partner)

Nina's years of experience in both the domestic and international markets have given her unique insight into corporate culture and organizational development. One of her strengths in coaching managers of global teams is her ability to analyze the individual's strengths and weaknesses and overlay them on the organization's strategy/mission statement. She is then able to work with the individual manager to effect change that will result in more effective communication within the team or organization.

Susan Rogers
Manager Organizational Learning (Retired)
Standard Chartered Bank

Nina brought in a sense of professionalism in way the firm did business in India. She is also very sensitive to cultural differences and adjusts her style of leadership and delegation in a manner that has always brought out the best in her team. Even though she possess a rich experience spanning almost every aspect/area of HR, Nina was very patient in understanding the needs & concerns of her subordinates and was very approachable when I faced any sort of difficulty. Nina's leadership style is unique she is very results oriented and defined parameters & the end result for all assignments but gave us a good amount of autonomy in working towards those goals. Nina's ability to understands the dynamics of the working environment and identify and develop a person to perform at his/her actual potential make her a brilliant coach and I would recommend her services especially in the area of cross cultural management.

Anil De Costa
o-worker Performance Consulting International)

Nina's vast experience in HR management contributed enormously to the successful integration of the acquisitions by Standard Chartered in Thailand and India from 1999 to 2003. She was a key member of the integration project team, supporting me and other business executives in competency assessment, right-sizing, reward systems alignment, talent management, and leadership development.

During the tuberlent time of rapid changes of merging two culturally diversed organisations, she acted like an anchor to many key managers, coaching and advising them in handling uncertainty and solving problems. She was also a well respected mentor to a number of high-potential young talents in the Bank; many of whom are now holding executive positions. She truly touched the hearts of minds of many who came into contact with her.

John Lee
Former Sr. Vice President
Standard Chartered Bank

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