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Strategic Global Human Resources Consultant

Taking your business global can be daunting. 

Tools to discover what you don't know, and even what questions to ask, are difficult to find.

Getting the financial results you hoped for from your overseas business activity can seem impossible.

And, understanding why overseas partners are not responding as you hoped is often frustrating! 

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provides Global and Business Strategic Consulting Services to help you achieve the objectives you planned for your overseas partnerships or business ventures.


Confidence in your ability to move into foreign markets

Understanding of the cultural nuances that influence business in foreign markets

Enhanced Communication with employees and colleagues domestically and globally


Consultation to support strategic planning focused on strengthening your global footprint

Executive Coaching to develop Excellence in Leadership and a Global  Mind-set using Humnipotent Management Techniques℠

Built on special expertise and context gained during 8 years living and working in India and Humnipotent Management Techniques℠

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Leader/Manager HMT℠ Mastery Kit offers guidance and the tools and techniques to transform your environment at work and engage the employees as stakeholders in the success of your business unit. Shifting the management focus from plan, organize, staff, lead and control, to PLAN, ORGANIZE, STAFF, LEAD, AND SUPPORT creates a new management and leadership relationship on which to build your professional and leadership success.

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Be the owner of your own professional future. The Individual Mastery Kit for Humnipotent Management Techniques℠ provides you tools and techniques to create a positive and empowering environment at work that will support your professional goals.

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Company Culture HMT℠ Transformation Kit - If you have reviewed the Individual Mastery Kit and/or the Leader/Manager Mastery Kit and appreciate what you understand there, the philosophy can be extended to the entire organization. This guide helps you determine how to approach that cultural transformation and support the shift of the management paradigm in your organization to utilization of HMT℠.

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